There are several factors that will influence pyrolysis machine price, including pyrolysis machine types, configurations, capacities, adopted material and technology, etc. DOING pyrolysis machine will provide a reasonable price for you.
There are two types of plastic to diesel converters: waste plastic pyrolysis plant&waste oil distillation plant and diesel & gasoline integrated machines include different devices and different advantages.
The pyrolysis oil distillation machine is used to upgrade the pyrolysis oil to diesel. DOING has two types: acid and alkali washing and solid catalyst pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation machines.
Pyrolysis machine is an effective way for Singapore to treat waste plastic. This article will introduce the process of DOING waste plastic treat pyrolysis machine and why is it an effective way.
To start the plastic to diesel business in Nigeria, we need to make several preparations: find a sufficient supply of waste plastics and a suitable land; do a market survey of diesel and purchase a plastic to diesel recycling machine.
With the waste plastic pyrolysis machine, we can turn plastic into fuel-plastic pyrolysis oil; for further applications, we can turn plastic pyrolysis oil to another fuel-diesel with pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plant.
To recycle plastic waste into useful products with pyrolysis plant includes three stages: heating, oil gas cooling and tail gas purifying. Then we can obtain fuel oil, carbon black and syn-gas from a waste plastic pyrolysis plant.
The aluminum plastic recycling pyrolysis plant can obtain aluminum powder, pyrolysis oil, syngas and carbon black. DOING is a manufacturer specializing in aluminum plastic recycling plants, welcome to consult!
Waste plastic can be converted into heavy fuel oil(plastic pyrolysis oil) and diesel fuel. The waste plastic pyrolysis machine and pyrolysis oil distillation machine produced by DOING can convert waste plastics into fuel oil and diesel fuel.

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