One set 12T/D convert plastic to oil machine successfully installed in the Philippines

August in 2018, we received a customer from Philippines, he was very interested in buying one set of plastic to oil conversion machine. We had been contacting with each other for about 1 year before this visiting.

plastic to oil machine12T/D convert plastic to oil machine in customer's factory

Our customer has a recycling company in Philippines, which mainly process waste paper and waste plastic for many years. But he noticed that there are many waste plastics in his city remained to be handled, he wanted to make this waste into fuel. So he kept consulting with many Chinese pyrolysis manufacturers, he paid his attention on the oil yielding rate and the quality of the produced pyrolysis oil, and after-sale service.

During his visit, he contacted and visited 5 pyrolysis companies in total, we were the last company he visited. Firstly, we had a meeting in the office, he was very satisfied with our technology and our professional team. We talked a lot about our reactor design, he prefer our stand pressure vessel design, because its safety. The rest 4 company he visited all adopts the flat head reactor, which are not durable than the standard pressure vessel reactor.

plastic to oil conversion machineThe convert plastic to oil machine installation site

Our technical team made a detailed layout according to the actual dimension of his factory, and explained how to operate our convert plastic to oil machine exactly. Then, we took him to the factory, he was so excited when he saw our factory and our convert plastic to oil machine. Later we had a further communication and then he planned to buy from us as soon as he got the permits from the local government in Philippines.

plastic to oil conversionThe installation of plastic pyrolysis reactor ongoing

After he arrived Philippines, he started to apply the permits from the government, it took him about 3 months, and we offered many certificates for his permits. He placed the order right after he got the final approval document. Soon we finished the production on time and sent our engineer to Philippines to install the pyrolysis machine. He praised our engineer a lot for his profession and hard-working, and it takes only 25 days to finish the installation.

plastic to fue machine 12T/D convert plastic to oil machine being installed in the Philippines

He is willing to buy another 4 sets of convert plastic to oil machine in next 2 years, and he will definitely choose us as his partner, because of our profession and good service. Welcome contact us for more details.


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