How many types of pyrolysis oil are there?

Pyrolysis oil can be obtained after waste tires or waste plastics are processed by pyrolysis plant. According to different raw materials, there are two types of pyrolysis oil: tire pyrolysis oil and plastic pyrolysis oil. Then, how is pyrolysis oil obtained? Next, I'll take Henan Doing waste tire pyrolysis plant as an example to introduce the process of obtaining pyrolysis oil.

waste tire pyrolysis plantwaste tire pyrolysis plant

The workflow of Henan Doing waste tire pyrolysis plant.

1. Put waste tires into the pyrolysis reactor and seal it well.

2. Use fuel to heat the pyrolysis reactor, when the temperature of the reactor reaches 150 degrees, oil gas will come out;

3. When the oil gas passes through the cooling system, it will be cooled into fuel oil and stored in the oil tank.

4. Part of the uncondensable but combustible oil gas can be collected to heat the pyrolysis reactor. This saves fuel and no environmental pollution.

4. After the pyrolysis reaction is over, wait for the temperature of the pyrolysis reactor to drop down, and at the same time, the carbon black will be discharged automatically.

5. When the temperature of the pyrolysis reactor drops to about 50 degrees, the worker can open the door of the reactor and take out the steel wire.

waste tire pyrolysis plantwaste tire pyrolysis plant workflow

Through the above workflow, we can get pyrolysis oil from waste tires, the principle of obtaining plastic pyrolysis oil is the same as that of obtaining tire pyrolysis oil. Then, what are the applications of pyrolysis oil?

The application of pyrolysis oil.

Pyrolysis oil is a good fuel, which can be used in steel plants, cement plants, boiler heating, heavy oil generators, etc. In addition, pyrolysis oil can also be refined into diesel with waste oil distillation machine, which can be used in diesel generators, heavy machinery, generators, etc., to achieve higher use value. The price of pyrolysis oil has been rising, which can bring great profits to customers.

waste tire pyrolysis plantApplication of pyrolysis oil

In addition to pyrolysis oil, we can also get carbon black while processing waste tires or waste plastic with pyrolysis plant, the market prospects for carbon black are also good. If you want to know more information about pyrolysis oil or pyrolysis plant, welcome to consult us.

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