Philippine customer visit DOING for waste plastic pyrolysis plant

On June 21, Philippine customers visited DOING. The customer has his own company doing sewage treatment. His purpose of this visit is to seek solutions for the waste plastics in municipal waste, and the waste plastic pyrolysis plant appeals to him very much.

Our manager accompanied the customer to DOING factory to see the running waste plastic pyrolysis plant when the customer asked many questions, like the automation of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant, the environmental protection and guidance after the machine ordered. Our waste plastic pyrolysis plant is highly automated, and no secondary pollution. We supply site guidence, including installation, commissioning, subsequent operation training, and one-year warranty , so any troublesome questions in operation can be solved in time.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantPhilippine customer visit DOING company and factory

The customer expressed satisfaction with DOING's professional ability. He will go back to the board for discussion and the feedback will be given about 2 weeks later. Look forward to our cooperation!

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