Can plastic waste be converted into fuel oil?

The plastic waste can be converted into fuel oil. But getting oil from plastic waste, you need one set plastic to oil machine which can heat waste plastics in a scaled reactor vessel and then you will get fuel oil and carbon black.

plastic to oil machineConverting waste plastic into fuel oil

The plastic to oil machine mainly adopts the pyrolysis technology which is a thermo-chemical reaction, it involves molecular breakdown of larger molecules into smaller molecules in presence of heat. The waste plastic you put into the plastic to oil machine will be pyrolyzed into oil gas in the pyrolysis reactor, then passing the cooling system to be condensed into fuel oil, the extra smoke will be disposed by the smoke cleaning system to reach the non-pollution standard, finally, collecting the carbon black by carbon black discharge device.

plastic to oil machinePlastic to oil machine

Of course, the working process of the plastic to oil machine can’t be explained by a simple sentence , it has a series of processes. Next, we prepare a detailed working processes of plastic to oil machine for you.

Working process:

1.Feeding waste plastic into pyrolysis reactor, it usually takes about 1.5-2 hours, then close the feeding door and make sure the door has been closed tight.

2. Heating the pyrolysis reactor, when the temperature reaches 160℃, the oil gas will be out. Keeping the temperature between 200℃~300℃ for four hours to get oil gas, then if oil gas output reduces when temperature kept between 260℃~300℃, you need increase and control the temperature between 300℃~340℃ for two hours until no oil come out.

3.Condensing the gas by cooling system, the oil gas will be condensed into oil and flow into oil tank ( normally in the 200~300 phase, temperature rised the fastest, and oil comes out the most), and the incondensable gas will be will be recycled to heat the pyrolysis reactor.

4.Lowering the temperature to 150℃ gradually to make sure all the oil gas out completely. Then shut and cool down the machine, two hours later, open the carbon black slagging door to discharge the carbon black. The slagging usually takes about 1.5~2 hours.

plastic to oil machineThe flowchart of plastic to oil machine

After the working of plastic to oil machine, you can get two utilized products-fuel oil and carbon. Plastic oil can be used for industry heating oil, generators and industrial burners, then the carbon black can be used in a variety of manufacturing processes or can be processed into a solid fuel comparable to coal. So it’s definitely feasible to convert the plastic waste into useful fuel oil, if you are interested in the plastic to oil project, welcome to contact us!

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