On April 13, 2023, the 100kg small waste plastic to diesel plant ordered by an American customer was shipped from Doing Company. These two machines can extract diesel from waste tire plastic.
February 17th 2023, in DOING Factory, 100kg/d small scale waste plastic to oil machine purchased by Philippine customer has started transportation to Qindao port and deliver to Philippines.
On January 7, 2023, a set of 12TPD waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant purchased by our regular customer was successfully delivered from DOING Company to Ghana. This is the third order from our regular Ghanaian customer.
On June 20, 2022, the 500KG waste tire and plastic pyrolysis plant ordered by Korean customers was successfully loaded and ready to be delivered to Korea.
On November 2nd , 2020, one set of 12T waste plastic pyrolysis to oil plant was packed and loaded in DOING factory. We would sent it to Qingdao port first, then it would be shipped to India by sea.
6 sets of 12TPD waste plastic to oil plant have been transported to China’s Yunnan. A week later, the waste plastic to oil plant will be delivered to our customer's factory.
Recently, one set of 12TPD waste plastic pyrolysis to oil machine was delivered to Romania from Henan Doing company. In the past few years, Romanian customer has bought a second-hand equipment with good results.
After communicating about how much plastic we were going to deal with every day, and then we came up with a plan for the customer. Having compared waste plastic pyrolysis plants in many countries, the customer chose to visit our factory at the end of 2019
On September 25th, 2020, one set of 500kg small scale waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant was loaded at Doing factory. The plant will be sent to the port of Qingdao where it will be shipped to Guatemala by sea.

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