plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturer DOING Holdings - Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise related to research, manufacture, marketing, technical support and installation service. We have been concentrating on developing and manufacturing many kinds of plastic to oil machine, including waste plastic to fuel oil plant,continuous plastic pyrolysis plant, waste plastic to diesel plant,plastic oil to diesel plant, etc. All the equipments adopt green technology which have no pollution to the environment. Welcome your visit!

plastic pyrolysis plant The engineer is perfect him profession and he is not waste time both side without language teach my factory labour. As regards with the machine, we have done few modifications. Now working great. Total product efficiency is aprox 62 to 75% of weight of plastic in the reactor. Thats ok for me.

- Fritz from India

Waste Plastic to Fuel Oil Plant

Our waste plastic to fuel conversion plant can handle different kinds of waste plastics, such as PE, PP, PS, ABS plastic, pure white plastic, etc. The final products are fuel oil and carbon black. Both of them has wide use in industries. With unique designs, Our waste plastic to fuel oil plants have been exported to many countries, such as Australia, Hungary, Indonesia, Jordan, South Korea, Brazil, Ukraine, etc.

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plastic to fuel machine

Waste plastic to fuel oil machine

continuous plastic pyrolysis plant

Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

DOING continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant can process 10-50 tons of waste plastics per day, which is fully automatic and controlled by PLC system reducing the labour cost. Our latest continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts accurate caculated pyrolysis system, which could ensure fully pyrolysis of waste plastic, thus to get high oil output.

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Waste Plastic Oil to Diesel Plant

Waste plastic oil to diesel plant is used to further refining the plastic oil made from waste plastic by waste plastic to fuel oil plant. The product is clean diesel oil, which could be used as alternative fuel in diesel burners, generators, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery, etc. Generally, the diesel output is about 80-85%. The waste plastic oil to diesel plant generates no pollution to environment.

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pyrolysis oil to diesel plant

Waste Plastic Oil to Diesel Plant

Waste Plastic to Diesel Fuel Plant

Waste plastic can be converted to diese fuel through two steps. The first is converting waste plastic to pyrolysis oil by pyrolysis technology and then the next is turning pyrolysis oil to diesel fuel by distillation. Compared with pyrolysis oil, diesel fuel is more cleaner and can be used in more machinery, or sold directly at high price.

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plastic to diesel plant

High Oil Yield

①Three cooling processes ensure the oil gas liquefied sufficiently;②Catalyst chamber ensure the raw material pyrolysis totally;

Long Service Life

①Special boiler plate:Q245R with 16mm thickness;②Auto welding to ensure the machine life, service life will be 8-10years;

Energy Saving

①Well sealing for heating system, no gas leak and saving fue;②The exhaust gas will be recycled for reactor heating;


①Auto welding to improve working efficient, ensure machine quality, avoid accident;②Special design to avoid the jam with X-ray test, ensure safety running;③Vacuum system ensures the whole line working well;

Environmental Protection

①Dust and sulfur removal system remove smoke and sulfur;②The exhaust gas (include methane to butane) will be directly recycled to furnace for fuel, no gas pollution

Good After-Sale Service

①Oversea guide installation and training customers' worker and try running;②1 year warranty;

Waste Plastic to Oil Project

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