50TPD fully automatic tire pyrolysis plant installed in India by DOING Company

Good NewsIn August 2023, we Henan Doing Company successfully completed the installation of a new technology 50TPD fully automatic tire pyrolysis plant in India. This pyrolysis project can help our Indian client make great economic and environmental benefits from waste tire recycling.

fully automatic tire pyrolysis plant Fully automatic tire pyrolysis plant installed in India

Our Indian client, who operates a prominent solid waste recycling company, sought to explore the tire pyrolysis project as part of their expanding business operations. When selecting the pyrolysis plant manufacturers, the key considerations for the client included the fully automatic tire pyrolysis plant's process flow, technological maturity, existing operational projects, and cost-effectiveness.

Henan Doing Company's tire pyrolysis plant was the ideal choice for the client due to its proven track record of successful installations and operational expertise. With multiple installation and operational sites, we DOING company demonstrated its technical prowess in tire pyrolysis.

DOING fully automatic pyrolysis plant offered employs an innovative automatic process that converts waste tires into valuable resources, such as fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire. Different with batch type tire pyrolysis plant, it can work 24 hours and keep feeding and discharging. From material selection to fabrication of our PLC control system, waste tire pyrolysis reactor, our patented oil gas extracting system, environmental gas purification system, we Henan Doing Company all have strict quality control.

fully automatic pyrolysis plantFully automatic pyrolysis plant

In order to display DOING fully automatic pyrolysis plant's performance, the client and our sales manager had a live video to see an operational automatic pyrolysis plant running site installed by DOING Company, establishing confidence in the technology's capabilities.

Besides that, the client highly appreciated the cost-effectiveness of Henan Doing Company's pyrolysis plant. With its efficient design and advanced automation, the plant offers excellent energy efficiency and low operating costs. This aspect ensured a competitive edge in terms of return on investment for the client's tire pyrolysis project.

With the successful installation of the 50TPD fully automatic tire pyrolysis plant in India, Henan Doing Company solidifies its position as a trusted partner in the waste recycling pyrolysis industry. We are dedicated to delivering reliable and technologically advanced solutions and continue to make a positive impact on the global push for sustainable waste tire management practices. If you want to engage in related waste tire pyrolysis into fuel oil business, please contact us.

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