What capacity of plastic to oil pyrolysis machine is available from Henan Doing Company?

DOING plastic to oil pyrolysis machines can convert waste plastic, solid waste and other different waste products into heating fuel through cryogenic cracking. DOING produces pyrolysis machines with different capacities depending on the needs of different customers, such as small skid mounted systems, conventional batch designs, medium semi-continuous designs and large fully continuous designs.

I shall give you a full account of it today.

1) Skid mounted system

Usually the processing capacity is not too large, say 100 kg, 500 kg, 1tpd, 3tpd. Many customers want to test the project on a relatively small budget and then expand production after proving its feasibility. The advantages of this kind of plastic to oil pyrolysis machines are already installed by DOING's professional production team prior to delivery, and a simple connection can be put into production upon receipt of the shipment.

skid mounted small pyrolysis machineskid mounted small pyrolysis machine picture

2) Conventional batch design

Conventional capacities of batch plastic to oil pyrolysis machines are 5tons, 10tons, 12tons, 15tons, etc. Customers are advised to start with at least 5 tons of processing capacity if they want to profit from plastic to oil pyrolysis plant project. The more you process, the more oil you get and, of course, the bigger the profit.

batch pyrolysis machine for saleBatch type plastic to oil pyrolysis machine for sale

3) Medium semi-continuous design

Most of the semi-continuous processing capacity is concentrated in the 10tpd, 15tpd, 18tpd, 20tpd, etc. This type of plastic to oil pyrolysis machine is more advanced than the batch design, but less expensive than the fully continuous design. Of course, it does not have the same level of automation and continuity as the fully continuous design. However, if the customer wants a transition and feels that the batch type is too general but the full continuous price is too expensive, there is no doubt that this semi-continuous type is the best option.

continuous pyrolysis machine for saleSemi-continuous and fully continuous pyrolysis plant

4) Fully continuous design

The advantage of a DOING fully continuous pyrolysis machine is its continuity, which can run continuously for at least a month without stopping in the middle, provided the raw material is sufficient. Stop the machine every one to two months to carry out necessary checks and maintenance of the equipment. It has a handling capacity of 15tpd, 20tpd, 30tpd, 40tpd and 50tpd. Based on its continuity, the larger the processing capacity, the more cost-effective it is for the customer.

As can be seen from the above, DOING can offer customers different processing capacities of plastic to oil pyrolysis machines to meet different needs, ranging from 100 kg mini to 50 tons fully continuous pyrolysis machines. If you want to know how to choose the best one for you out of all this processing, contact DOING's business manager so they can customize the best solution for your situation and customize pyrolysis machines at 100% factory prices.

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