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DOING offers different capacities and different types of plastic to oil pyrolysis machines for sale. The capacities of DOING plastic to oil pyrolysis machines are about 100Kg/batch to 50+tons per day.
Waste tire plastic to diesel recycling process has several steps: pyrolyzing waste tire and plastic, cooling down the oil gases, fuel oil distillation, cooling to liquid oil, liquid oil purification, etc.
The horizontal type pyrolysis reactor is more suitable for pyrolysis tires and plastics. Because the horizontal waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant reactor is more effective and environmentally friendly.
Normally you can directly feed waste tire plastic raw materials without pretreatment to batch pyrolysis plant, but the fully continuous pyrolysis plant has some requirements about the size of raw materials.
For plastic material, there is a high oil yield from 30% to 80+%. Waste plastic types and the technology and cooling effect of pyrolysis plants all affect how much fuel you can get from plastic.
DOING pyrolysis machine can make synthetic fuel from most waste plastic, such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, etc. The production processes of making synthetic fuel from plastic are feeding, heating, pyrolysis, cooling and discharging.
Most waste plastics in daily life are suitable for pyrolysis like PE, PP, PS, PS plastics, paper mill waste, etc. but there are two kinds of plastics that cannot be used for pyrolysis: PVC and PET.
Doing Company is the popular choice of big manufacturers to buy fully automatic pyrolysis plants because of our great R&D and manufacturing strength, best machine design and rich installation experience, all-around after-sales services, etc.
The capacity of mini scale waste plastic pyrolysis plant DOING Company can customize for you is between 100KG-3TPD. And we can also customize you 3-50+TPD plastic pyrolysis plant.

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