Can waste plastic be convert into fuel oil?

Waste Plastic is a product of the human petrochemical industry, which itself contains many hydrogen atoms. With the right pyrolysis and catalysis, these hydrogen atoms of waste plastics can be recycled and turned into valuable fuels.

Many common waste plastics in life are recyclable, such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, PET bottles, bottle caps, straws, microwave food boxes, disposable plastic cups, packaging boxes, white plastic sheets, instant noodles packaging bags, plastic trademarks, paper mill scraps, plastic household waste, plastic cable skins, plastic bags, etc.

All these waste plastics can be pyrolyzed into fuel oil and carbon black through pyrolysis machine , but the fuel oil outputs will vary with the types of plastic. The specific plastic oil output list is as follows, for your reference.

waste plasticsDifferent plastics have different oil yields

So how is this waste plastic to fuel oil recycling process achieved? Let's go into details.

First, the waste plastic is sent to the pyrolysis reaction of the waste plastic pyrolysis machine ; then the oil gas will be generated when it is heated to the required temperature.

Then the condensation system of the waste plastic pyrolysis machine is used to condense the oil gas into liquid oil and store it in the oil tank. It's worth mentioning that DOING waste plastic pyrolysis machine is equipped with the most professional industrial condensors, which can fully guarantee the high oil yield and help you obtain the maximum profits. And the solid carbon black will remain in the reactor and be discharged through the discharging system.

waste plastic pyrolysis machineWaste plastic to fuel oil by pyrolysis machine

Besides that, there are also some non-condensable gas, which should be purified by the exhaust gas purification device. The purified gas can be directly recycled and used to save fuel.

The waste plastic pyrolysis machine realizes the 100% recycling of waste plastics by converting waste plastics to useful products in a green way, which brings social and economic benefits. If you want to know the detailed designs of waste plastic pyrolysis machine , equipment quotation and related project implementation solutions, please initiate an inquiry!


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