Can waste plastic be converted back to oil?

As we all know, plastics are mainly hydrocarbons made from petroleum. With the right catalysis, these hydrogen atoms can be reused and turned into valuable fuel oil. Therefore, it is possible that the waste plastics can be converted back to oil, carbon black and combustible gas though high-temperature pyrolysis technology of pyrolysis plant.

pyrolysis plantDOING waste plastics pyrolysis to fuel oil plant

So how is this process of converting waste plastic to oil achieved? Today let the pyrolysis plant manufacturer with 11+ years experience, Henan DOING go into details for you.

1.The Plastic material

There are many different types of plastic, all kinds of plastic could be used for pyrolysis into oil except the PVC and PET. But if the PVC and PET content of mixed plastic products is less than 10%, then this kind of mixed plastic is also suitable for pyrolysis.

2.The recycling process

The waste plastic will be heated in the reactor to the certain temperature and then be pyrolyzed, the oil gas will be produced when pyrolysis. Then the oil gas will go into the condensers system to be cooled down to the oil again. And the solid carbon black will remain in the reactor and be discharged through the discharging system.

plastic to fuel oil plantThe process of waste plastic pyrolysis plant

3.The final product

The pyrolysis oil obtained from the waste plastic pyrolysis plant is a kind of heavy oil. It is a kind of very good heating fuel, with 10592.48Kcal/kg heating value, which is much higher than that of coal. It has a good market in different countries.

The fuel oil is widely used in boiler factory, cement factory, steel factory, brick factory, glass factory, heavy oil power plant, warm supply center and so on. If you want to get diesel, you could also refine the plastic pyrolysis oil into diesel with the distillation machine.

pyrolysis plantThe application of fuel oil and carbon black

The carbon black can be directly sold in the market or be further briquetted for burning or refined for sale.

The 10% tail gas (Mixed light gas) can be used to heat the reactor directly to reduce the fuel consumption.

The waste plastics will be 100% converted to useful products in a green way by DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant, creating considerable economic values and social values. Our machine is also equipped with environmental protection devices. Just feel free to contact us for machine details and free quote of waste plastic pyrolysis plant.


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