How to convert waste plastic into fuel oil?

The equipment that converts waste plastic into fuel oil is also called waste plastic pyrolysis machine. It adopts pyrolysis technology which is a chemical process that breaks down polymer plastics into small molecules of oil gas and black carbon at high temperatures and under anaerobic conditions. Through waste plastic pyrolysis machine, waste plastic can be converted into plastic pyrolysis oil and carbon black, which are popular in the market and have a great market value.

waste plastic pyrolysis machineWaste plastic pyrolysis machine converts waste plastic into fuel oil

The working process of converting waste plastic into fuel oil is as follows:

convert waste plastic to oil machineThe general steps of converting waste plastic into fuel oil

First, feed raw materials into reactor by transmission device.

After that, heat the reactor with any of various fuels, such as coal, wood, natural gas, oil, etc. Until the temperature reaches nearly 250 degree Celsius, waste plastic will be transferred into oil gas.

convert plastic to oil machineThe pyrolysis reactor of waste plastic pyrolysis machine

Then, oil gas will be cooled into liquid oil by condensation and then liquid oil will be collected by oil tank. And we used a three-step condensation system, which can cool the oil gas sufficiantly.

plastic to oil machineThe condensation system of waste plastic pyrolysis machine

And the oil gas which can not be cooled in normal pressure will be recycled to heat the reactor, which is a good way to save energy and protect environment.

Then, smoke produced by the process of plastics pyrolysis in the reactor will be treated to achieve national emission standard through desulfurization and dust collection device.

plastic pyrolysis machineDesulfurization and dust collection device of waste plastic pyrolysis machine

Last, shut down the machine after waste plastic is pyrolyzed completely. When the temperature drops to 70 degree Celsius, carbon black will be discharged automatically.

So that's the whole process of converting waste plastic into plastic oil. After all these steps, you can start another batch.

As we all know, plastic plays an important role in daily life. However, because of the non-degradability of plastic, the management of waste plastic has become a worldwide problem. Therefore, the recycling of waste plastic is looming. We Doing company has different types of waste plastic pyrolysis machines, such as batch type waste plastic pyrolysis machine, full continuous plastic pyrolysis machine, small scale all-in-one waste plastic pyrolysis machine. If you are interested in thess machines, please feel free to contact us, we welcome any questions.

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