How to make synthetic fuel from plastic?

How to make synthetic fuel from plastic? What kind of machine can make synthetic fuel from plastic? Which plastic waste can make synthetic fuel? Some customers have a lot of questions about making plastic to synthetic fuel oil, so today I will answer these questions in detail.

plastic pyrolysis plant

1. Plastic to synthetic fuel processing machine and raw material selection

DOING pyrolysis machine can make synthetic fuel from waste plastic, but not all plastics can be used for making synthetic fuel. For example, PVC and PET, organic plastic waste, etc. are not suitable for making synthetic fuel, so when customers choose raw materials, they should choose the waste plastics with high oil yield, such as PP, PE, PS, ABS and so on.

plastic pyrolysis plantDifferent plastics has different oil yield

2.Plastic to synthetic fuel production process

So how does our pyrolysis machine make synthetic fuel from plastic waste? Waste plastics to oil uses the principle of thermal cracking to convert high molecular compounds into a variety of low molecular compounds. Therefore, waste plastics are cracked into oil gas through our pyrolysis machine under low temperature and slight negative pressure. The oil gas is cooled into liquid oil through the cooling system, and finally oil and carbon black are obtained.

This kind of plastic synthetic oil can be used as a fuel in various heavy industrial plants, such as steel plants, cement plants, boiler plants, power plants, etc. You can also further refine the plastic synthetic oil into diesel fuel for wider uses.

fuel oil applicationsThe applications of fuel/pyrolysis oil

If you want to make synthetic fuel from plastic and want to know more details of our pyrolysis machine, please consult us for free. We have installed related plastic/tire/oil sludge to synthetic fuel pyrolysis machine projects in more than 100 countries. We can use our rich installation experience and high-quality pyrolysis machine to help you succeed!

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