How much fuel can you get from plastic?

DOING Pyrolysis plant mainly recycles plastics, used tires and oil sludge into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire(only tires), syngas. These are all heating fuels, which can be used in industry. For plastic material there is a high oil yield from 30%-80+%.

plastic pyrolysis plantPlastic pyrolysis plant

Normally, if you collect PE, PP, PS, you will get higher oil yield. And if you make them clean and dry before recycling, then you could possibly get over 80% oil yield. If you choose plastic waste or mixed plastic, then the oil yield is a little lower, about 30%-50%. But actually almost all plastic can get an average 60% oil yield then about 30% carbon black and about 10% syngas.

So we may see that how much fuel you can get from plastic mainly varies from the plastic types. Besides that, the pyrolysis technology and cooling effect of pyrolysis plant also matters. DOING Pyrolysis plants have won many technology patents, and are widely installed in more than 100+ countries and regions. We can help you obtain more fuel from waste plastics and help you make high profits.

project casesDOING project cases

Then how do we get profit from waste plastic pyrolysis plants?

The obtained fuel oil from waste plastic pyrolysis plant may be used directly as a fuel, added to petroleum refinery stocks, upgraded using catalysts to a premium grade fuel or used as a chemical feedstock. The fuel oil is mainly used in heavy industries for heating purposes. Like steel factories, cement factories, brick factories and glass factories, etc. And you can also use the waste oil refinery machine to distill the plastic fuel oil into diesel.

The solid char consists of the carbon black filler and also char produced during the pyrolysis of the rubber. It may be used as a solid fuel, as carbon black or upgraded to produce an activated carbon. The potential of the tyre carbon black product as possible adsorbents for various pollutants has been assessed and found to be successful, thus stimulating a huge research interest.

The incondensable oil gas is recycled to the furnace as auxiliary heating fuel instead of being released directly into the air, so there is no oil gas pollution. We are using the newly invented catalyst. It can effectively remove H₂ S from exhaust gas and guarantee no pollution from exhaust gas burning.

All in all, you could get high profits from this project. If you are interested in the waste plastic pyrolysis plant project, just contact us for more details, free quotations, pictures and videos of DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant.


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