How to recycle waste plastic, and what is the cost?

Plastic exists in our daily life in different forms from hard pipe to soft plastic bags. You may have heard that waste plastic are recyclable, but how to recycle and what is the cost of recycling waste plastic ? Does plastic bags recycling have economic interest?

recycle waste plastic Waste plastics

There are about 3 ways to recycle waste plastic, and they are respectively landfill, plastic material recycling as well as plastic thermal pyrolysis into fuel oil. Landfill and plastic material recovery have been widely used as the way of waste plastic management. The cost to recycle waste plastic by way of landfill is very less, but this way cannot bring you any economic interest. Also there is a problem with landfill, as it can take up to 450 years for plastic to break down (to biodegrade), which cannot really solve the plastic pollution problem.

The cost to recycle waste plastic by way of plastic material recovery is quite high. Plastic material recovery is mainly through pelleting. Waste plastic bags and films should be cleaned, shredded and palletized before returning to the production channel at the mixing or manufacturing stage. It is costly to start.

cost to recycle plasticPlastic pelleting

By contrast, cost to recycle waste plastic by pyrolysis is the most economical way. Recycling waste plastic into fuel oil is easier and less cost to start. You just need prepare a piece of land and install our plastic to fuel machine is ok. No need to clean and shred the plastic, which can help you save a lot of man power and machines. The power of our batch 10ton plastic to fuel machine is only 15kw, and it is very energy- saving, because during pyrolysis process, the syngas recycled to heat the machine and save you a lot of heating energy. The oil-output of plastic can be around 60%, which mean from 10ton waste plastic, you can get 6ton fuel oil, the waste plastic should be free and just cost you to collect it. You can imagine how profitable it is to recycle plastic bags through low power and energy saving plastic to fuel machine.

plastic to fuel machinePlastic to oil machine advantages

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