40TPD plastic to oil machine project in India

On November 11th, 4sets 10TPD plastic to oil machine project was successfully installed in India.

plastic to oil machinePlastic to oil machine project in India

According to the customer, it is very difficult to apply for plastic to oil project permission from the government in India where the project must be environmental friendly. The customer talked with us the local situation and asked for our advice. We recommended the whole set of pollution control system for him, including desulfurization system, smoke removal system, tail gas cleaning system, etc

plastic to oil machine indiaThe pollution control system

Desulfurization system is adopted to remove toxic gases in the exhaust produced during fuel burning. There are also tail gas produced during the pyrolysis process, uncondensable but combustible gas. We firstly recycle this gas to heating pyrolysis reactor directly, saving fuel, then use tail gas cleaning system to the harmful emissions, like H2S,HC1, NOx, COx, especially the H2S. Through tail gas cleaning system, 80-90% harmful emission could be removed, thus to meet the emission standard.

plastic to oil machine40TPD plastic to oil machine project installation site

Now the 40TPD plastic to oil machine project has successfully been installed in India. The plastic oil has a good market in India, so grasp the chance, contact us and start a plastic to oil machine project.


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