Batch pyrolysis plant VS continuous pyrolysis plant

The waste plastic pyrolysis plant provided by Doing Group mainly has two types, batch pyrolysis plant and continuous pyrolysis plant. Continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant is defined relative to batch pyrolysis plant. Whether it is a continuous pyrolysis plant or a betch pyrolysis plant, they all have the same purpose, which is to extract fuel oil from waste tires or plastics. So what is the difference between them?

waste tire pyrolysis plantBatch and continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

1. The degree of automation is different.

The continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant can be operated continuously, such as continuous feeding, continuous fuel oil output, and continuous carbon black discharge. It does not need to be shut down due to pyrolysis reactor cooling and carbon black slagging. It can be continuously operated for 20-30 days without shutting down.

For batch waste plastic pyrolysis plant, the process is to feed, then start heating, cooling oil gas into fuel oil, then the pyrolysis reactor is cooled, and finally carbon black slagging. Each process must be started after the previous process is complete.

waste tire pyrolysis plantContinuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

2. The pretreatment of raw materials is different.

The raw materials that can be processed by the continuous pyrolysis plant are tires, rubber and plastics. These raw materials should be as clean as possible, and the raw materials should be shredded first. For example, the tires should be crushed into 5mm steel-free rubber particles to ensure smooth material in and out and keep the factory running continuously.

The batch waste pyrolysis device is not picky about the raw material conditions, and the whole tire or waste plastic can be directly sent to the pyrolysis reactor without cutting, cleaning and screening work.

waste tire pyrolysis plantBatch waste tire pyrolysis plant feeding

Now our continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant is more and more popular with customers at home and abroad, and can meet the production needs of different customers. If you want to know more about waste plastic pyrolysis plant, welcome to consult us feel free.

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