What are the components and function of pyrolysis plant?

The components of Henan Doing waste plastic pyrolysis plant includes pyrolysis reactor, cooling system, environmental protection system and safety devices. These components have different function to ensure efficient and safe operation of waste plastic pyrolysis plant. Next is the introduce of componets and funtion of Doing Group waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantWaste plastic pyrolysis plant

1. Airtight pyrolysis reactor.

Because the pyrolysis is carried out under the condition of high temperature and oxygen-free, the airtightness of the pyrolysis reactor must be good, so as to improve the pyrolysis efficiency. The furnace mouth of Doing Group pyrolysis reactor is closed by flange connection and graphite packing is sealed, which can ensure the airtightness at high temperature. Other pipeline connections will be tested for tightness before leaving the factory and before installation to ensure the tightness of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

waste tire pyrolysis plantPyrolysis reactor

2. Efficient cooling system.

The oil gas produced by pyrolysis needs to be cooled down into fuel oil through the cooling system, so the quality of the cooling system directly affects the fuel oil output. Doing Group waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts three-stage cooling system with a large heat exchange area, and the cooling area is 1.5 times the area of oil gas, which can fully cool oil gas.

waste tire pyrolysis plantCooling system

3. Complete environmental protection system.

Many manufacturers produce waste plastic pyrolysis plant, and their environmental protection systems are not perfect, and unpleasant gas is generated during the production process, which caused dissatisfaction among local residents and was shut down by the local government. In order to avoid secondary pollution to the environment during the production process, Doing Group waste plastic pyrolysis plant is equipped with a complete environmental protection system, including tail gas cleaning system and smoke cleaning system. The tail gas cleaning system can effectively remove the bad smell tail gas generated in the pyrolysis process. Then the tail gas can be collected to heat the pyrolysis reactor to save fuel. The smoke generated during the fuel combustion process can meet the national gas emission standards after being processed by smoke cleaning system, and it won't cause secondary pollution to the environment. Doing Group waste plastic pyrolysis plant has passed European and American environmental protection standards and we have installed equipment in more than 90 countries around the world, and have won praise and trust from many customers.

waste tire pyrolysis plantSmoke cleaning system

Doing Group waste plastic pyrolysis plant has capacity 100Kg -- 50T per day, the fuel oil yield can reach 45%, our pyrolysis plant can not only process waste plastic, but also waste tire. If you want to know more information about pyroysis plant, welcome to consult us.

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