What's the waste plastic pyrolysis plant?

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant is used to recycle waste plastics to obtain fuel oil. The most common processing capacity is 1tpd, 5tpd, 10tpd, 12tpd, 15tpd. As for the special processing capacity, we Henan Doing Company can customize it for you.

plastic to oil pyrolysis plantWaste plastic pyrolysis plant 3D image

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant is mainly composed of pyrolysis reactor, condensing system and environmental protection systems.

♠ Pyrolysis reactor: It is the key to the entire equipment. The main process "pyrolysis" takes place in it. After pyrolysis, waste plastic turns into fuel oil.

♠ Condensing system: The condensers are all tube-and-tube condensers specialized for the chemical industry. The three-step condensing system can make sure sufficient cooling effect.

♠ Environmental protection system: It's the patented product in Doing Company. The flue gas generated during the operation of the equipment can be purified to meet the local emission standards.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantWaste plastic pyrolysis plant components

We also have optional equipment, like automatic feeder, continuous carbon black discharging system, pyrolysis oil burner, etc.

♦ Automatic feeder: The purpose of this equipment is to improve the feeding efficiency, which can reduce the time and worker cost.

♦ Continuous carbon black discharging system: Carbon black is another main final product of waste plastic pyrolysis plant. You can choose to discharge carbon black with continuous carbon black discharging system which has a cooling function, so that it can be directly discharged without cooling pyrolysis reactor.

♦ Pyrolysis oil burner: By pyrolysis oil burner, you can use pyrolysis oil as the fuel to heat pyrolysis reactor directly, then you don’t need to buy the fuel from others, which is very convenient and cost-saving.

Henan Doing company has been engaged in waste plastic pyrolysis plant for more than ten years, we have professional technical support, installation service and training service available. Our project managers can provide the suitable waste plastic pyrolysis plant project solutions according to your needs. If you want to get more information about waste plastic pyrolysis plant, please contact us directly.

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