What is waste plastic pyrolysis oil?

Waste plastic pyrolysis oil is fuel that comes from waste plastic throug waste plastic pyrolysis plant. In recent years, converting waste plastics into pyrolysis oil is one of the recent trends of recycling waste plastics, not only to reduce the amount of waste plastics to be disposed of, but also as an alternative fuel for internal combustion engines.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantWhat is waste plastic pyrolysis oil?

Waste plastic is a non-biodegradable material that is increasingly being used in households and industry. Since it takes 500 years to process plastic in a natural way, the disposal of waste plastic is a major concern in many countries. After years of research and development, our Doing company developed waste plastic pyrolysis plant, which can convert non-biodegradable plastic into useful components—waste plastic pyrolysis oil and carbon black.

How is waste plastic pyrolysis oil produced?

waste plastic pyrolysis plant working flowWaste plastic pyrolysis plant working flow

Waste plastic contains hydrogen and carbon, so it can be converted into hydrocarbon fuels through pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is the thermochemical decomposition of organic materials at high temperatures without oxygen. Waste plastic is processed in a pyrolysis reactor at a temperature of 300°C to 350°C to evaporate oil gas. The oil gas is then condensed into liquid fuel oil. Solid carbon black is produced at the bottom of the pyrolysis reactor.

What is the applications of waste plastic pyrolysis oil?

Waste plastic pyrolysis oil, as the end product of waste plastic pyrolysis plant, has similar properties to diesel fuel, so waste plastic pyrolysis oil can be widely used as an industrial fuel to replace furnace oil or industrial diesel fuel, or for machines that do not require high quality fuel oil, such as boiler, cement plants, steel plants, glass factories, brick factories and other factories in need of fuel. In addition, waste plastic pyrolysis oil can also be refined into clean and transparent diesel oil by pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plant which has a better calorific value and can be used in diesel generators, tractor, ship, truck, and other heavy machines.

waste plastic pyrolysis oil applicationsThe applications of waste plastic pyrolysis oil

What is the market value of waste plastic pyrolysis oil?

Currently, the average price of waste plastic pyrolysis oil is around $600 per ton, which may vary depending on the country or region. The price of waste plastic pyrolysis oil also fluctuates with international crude oil prices. The higher the international crude oil price, the higher the price of pyrolysis oil will be. With the increasing depletion of petroleum resources, we believe that pyrolysis oil has a broad market prospect.

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