What is the difference of plastic oil and ordinary fuel oil ?

Plastic oil is extracted from waste plastics by plastic to oil machine. Can it be used as fuel oil in industry? What is the difference between them?

plastic to oil machineWaste plastic to oil machine

Now there are two main sources of fuel oil on the market: 1) the one is ordinary fuel oil obtained by fractional distillation of petroleum; 2) the other one is palstic oil. There are some differences between the two types of fuel oil:

1. The price is different. Plastic oil is a renewable resource, its raw material is waste plastic, so the price is cheaper than ordinary fuel oil.

2. The composition is different. Compared with ordinary fuel oil, the plastic oil composition is relatively complicated. It cannot be used in some fuel-demanding high-power equipment directly. It contains more colloid and cannot be directly used in internal combustion engines, but its calorific value is very high, reaching more than 10,000. Kcal, so it's really a good boiler heating fuel.

3. The purpose is different. The plastic oil is mainly used as fuel in heavy industries such as cement plants, glass factories, ceramic factories, power plants, steel factories, and boiler factories and so on. The plastic oil can also be refined with plastic oil to diesel plant to the non-standard diesel. It can be used in diesel generators, truck and tractor engines and so on. A customer from India even use this diesel to his diesel car directly, and the car works perfectly with our diesel.

plastic oil to dieselFeedback from our customer

We all know that the energy on the earth is limited and will become increasingly scarce as the economy develops. Recycling plastic to oil undoubtedly provides the perfect solution for this major topic, because it can only only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also realize the regeneration of energy. [ Related reading: The benefit you could get from the waste plastic to oil machine ]

oil from plastic wasteThe plastic oil extracted from plastic waste

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