What are the raw materials for waste plastic pyrolysis plant?

Many types of plastic products exist in our daily life, which also cause lots of white pollution. Due to its inability to degrade naturally, plastic has become our number one enemy. Most treatment methods focus on burning and landfill, which will pollute our atmosphere, soil, even water.

plastic pyrolysis machineBurning plastic

So we must handle it properly, or it will pollute the environment and also cause waste of resources. Actually, most of plastic can be recycled by waste plastic pyrolysis plant into fuel oil. Of course, different plastic raw materials will produce different amount of fuel oil.

 waste plastic pyrolysis plantPlastics recycled by waste plastic pyrolysis plant into fuel oil and carbon black

Here are some plastic raw materials that can be recycled to fuel oil by waste plastic pyrolysis plant(Note: PVC plastic and PET plastic are not suitable for the waste plastic pyrolysis plant):

1.PE plastic

PE plastic includes HDPE and LDPE. HDPE is easy to find in the bathroom. It’s the raw material for containers that store detergents, shampoos, shower gels, edible oils, pesticides, etc. And many drink bottles also use this king of plastic. The transparency of LDPE is relatively high, so we can mainly see it in plastic wrap, plastic bags and other aspects in our daily life.

2.PP plastic

Most of the special plastic containers for microwave ovens on the market are PP plastic, because of its heat resistance and chemical stability is higher.

3.PS plastic

Generally, it is widely used in the packaging of foam lunch box, instant noodles, bucket for the whole family, etc.

4.ABS plastic

plastic to oil pyrolysis plantABS plastic

ABS plastic is composed of acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B) and styrene (S). Acrylonitrile is the main raw material for producing acrylic fiber, butadiene is the main raw material for producing butadiene rubber, and styrene is the main raw material for PS plastic. So it's like adding some rubber and fiber to the PS plastic, which makes it high strength and good toughness and be widely used in manufacturing and chemical industries.

As the global price of crude oil rises, plastic, as one of the by-products of petroleum, is becoming increasingly valuable for recycling. The waste plastic pyrolysis plant can be used to recycle the above waste plastic raw materials into fuel oil. The main products are plastic pyrolysis oil and black carbon, which can be used as fuel. And plastic pyrolysis oil can be further refined into diesel fuel for better profits.

The entire process of recycling waste plastic raw material by waste plastic pyrolysis plant has not harm to the environment. So there is no doubt that it is a better treatment method for waste plastic raw materials. If you want to know more about waste plastic pyrolysis plant, please contact us directly.

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