What are the advantages of plastic pyrolysis plant?

There are a lot of plastic products in our life. We only know the convenience of using plastic products, but we seldom think about the pollution it brings. Plastic products not only pollute the environment but also cause a waste of resources. Now more and more people and governments are paying attention to this problem. Plastic pyrolysis plant which can convert waste plastic to oil is a good way to solve this problem.

The main advantage of plastic pyrolysis plant is that it is not only environmentally friendly, but also can produce renewable energy sources such as plastic pyrolysis oil, carbon black and combustible gas. In addition, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, low consumption and high oil yield.

The advantage of plastic pyrolysis plant:

1. Environmentally protection

plastic pyrolysis plantThe smoke removal equipment of plastic pyrolysis plant

Our newly designed plastic pyrolysis plant is equipped with efficient dust removal and deodorization equipment to ensure that the plant will not produce more secondary pollution when treating waste plastic. And the water used in the condensing system is recycled.

2. High efficiency

waste plastic pyrolysis plantThe reactor and condensing system of plastic pyrolysis plant

The reactor of the plastic pyrolysis plant is designed with 360-degree all-directional thermal insulation layer, which can save the heating heat in the furnace and shorten the pyrolysis time. And the condensing system of the plastic pyrolysis plant adopts the combination of vertical condensation and horizontal condensation which can cool the pyrolysis oil gas more efficiently, thus greatly shortening the cooling time and improving the efficiency of each batch processing.

3. Lower consumption

plastic pyrolysis plantThe non-condensing gas recycling to the reactor of plastic pyrolysis plant

To reduce waste, our plastic pyrolysis plant can return non-condensing gas to the reactor of the plastic pyrolysis plant to assist fuel combustion and save fuel for customers.

4. High oil yield

The design of 360-degree all-directional thermal insulation layer for the reactor allows for a more sufficient pyrolysis reaction and the multistage design for the condensing system makes the oil gas cool fully. All the designs effectively increase the oil yield and improve customer’s benefits.

If you are interested in purchasing the plastic pyrolysis plant , please take the above advantages into consideration to help you choose the right machine, or you can contact us directly.

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