Is there small plastic to oil machine? How does it work?

Small plastic to oil machine usually refers to batch plastic to oil machine with input capacity with 100kg or 500kg per day, which is low cost, small footprint, and no installation required. Our small plastic to oil machine is very popular among the customers.

small plastic to oil machineSmall plastic to oil machine process demonstration

Such small plastic to oil machine has the same function as other large plastic to oil machine, mainly to convert waste plastics to fuel oil and carbon black. The working process includes four steps:

1. Pre-treatment

Waste plastic contains some water in normal condition. While if you want a higher output, you’d better do some pre-treatment. For example, the waste plastic will be through a dryer to steam the moisture. If waste plastic is too big,? you can employ a crusher to make big waste plastic into small pieces.

2. Pyrolysis

Putting the pre-treated plastic into the reactor by auto-feeder, then heat the reactor, when the inside temperature reaches the degree of 250 to 280, pyrolysis of plastic will happen and the oil gas begins to generate while flow through oil gas separator.

3. Condensation

In oil gas separator, heavy component will be liquefied and then automatically discharged into heavy oil tank, meanwhile, light component will enter the condensers. There most of the light component will be liquefied to fuel oil. Our unique 3-steps condensation system design can ensure the maximum condensation, thus high oil output.

4. Collection

The liquid fuel oil is temporarily stored in a oil tank. After the small plastic to oil machine working process is finished, the produced liquid oil can be collected from the oil tank for sale directly

small plastic to oil machine500kg small plastic to oil machine ready for delivery

Henan Doing Company's small plastic to oil machine is very popular among customers. This kind of small plastic to oil machine can not only process waste plastic, but also waste tyre. Our engineer can design the process according to the type of your raw material. For more details, contact us now!

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